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S and XS is R250 each.All the other sizes are R300 each except for the XL and larger which is R350.  If you want it slightly longer it will be an additional R50 (it measures 35 cm from under-arm to bottom seam.  The pattern length is to just above the navel. Please see the photos of the different lengths. If you want the hook-and-claw version (open on the left side) that will be R35 extra.

Please look at the American site Gc2B:  the rate of exchange is not favourable to us! The half binder I make costs $33.  That will cost you R462 plus postage and import duty which often works out more than the binder itself.

I have had a few cases where I custom-made chest binders, and when I notified the clients that it was ready for postage awaiting payment, the payment didn't arrive, and I ended up with stock that nobody else wanted.  To avoid this capital lying in a drawer, I will now only start cutting and making binders once I have been paid.  Unfortunately it seems the only way to go.

RETURN POLICY: If you measured yourself incorrectly and ordered the wrong size, and by trying it on and burst the seams, I am unfortunately not going to refund you. If you are unhappy that it fits too loosely, remember that you might not get a smaller size over your head.  Look at your shoulder measurement as well (back arm to back arm). Remember: you still want to breathe properly! It is very uncomfortable and hot to wear a too-tight garment, apart from the fact that in hot weather you can get a skin rash. 

I am prepared to make it a size smaller if you are prepared to send it back to me via the Post Office at your cost, and I will post it from my side.
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